Monday, January 30, 2017

Lonely Dog

His original painting “The Lonely Dog” sitting in his studio for over a year unframed and facing the wall – has now taken the world by storm ready to capture the imaginations of all.

Warner Brothers have embraced his paintings telling the story of a dog’s journey – “The Lonely Dog”.   Seeing his art first hand gave you an instant feel for what was to come.

A dog owner of  three sausage dogs, Ivan said, “They are often found in bed with us in the morning”… as the weather is colder in New Zealand, that’s understandable.  Such a nice man and very happy to share his passion.  Keep an eye out all dog lovers!

How to choose what type of Dog Grooming Clipper Blades to use and Ear Powder for Dogs

Choosing the right blade for a winter grooming cut for your dog can vary depending on what look you would like to achieve – in my experience with many different dog breeds I would suggest the following -

With this you would require blade No 3 – ¾” length for winter grooming:
Blade No. 4 – ½ “ length
Blade No. 5 – ¼ “ length
Blade No.3 – longest
Blade No.4 – mid length
Blade No.5 – shortest

I suggest you try blade No 3 first – if you don’t like this length you can always go shorter – note that back clipping your dog with the same size blade will give you a shorter cut.

Using Ear Powder in your Dog’s Ears ….

In Australia it was known as “pawfect” septic powder made by “Oster”. This product was discontinued here several years ago.

You can use an ear wash with success. Also just use your tweezers or long nose pliers – this is all I have used professionally for over 30 years. Just remove a little at a time – don’t try to pluck all the hair in one go.

Handy Hint – before washing your dog plug their ears with cotton wool – never allow water to get into the ear canal – remove cotton wool after their bath.

How to Effectively Remove and Control Fleas and Ticks on Your Dog

This question is a very common yet important one. There is a very simple answer to this – you must kill the breeding cycle of the fleas – not your dog.

Take all care to rid your dog and home and grounds once and for all.
If you follow these procedures carefully you won’t have reoccurring problems – then you follow prevention treatment after 10 to 12 weeks allowing you to give your dog a weekly swim or bath.
Collect all dog bedding and favorite mats. Wash in hot water with Detol (disinfectant) added repeat this a couple of times weekly.

Remove all beds outside and spray with a good high performance spray like Mortein in a can. This will kill all eggs if possible leave in sunshine all day.

Regardless if your dog lays on any ground – garden or under your home or inside your home – spray all areas with a bulk spray purchased from your vet or call your pest man to spray all these areas – it’s that easy.

Vacuum floors and on the carpet use the nozzle of the hose to vacuum deep into the carpet to remove fleas and eggs (empty your vacuum into a garbage bin so as not to keep the fleas breeding in the vacuum bag).  Now, with your high performance spray give your carpet a generous going over, pay particular attention to their favorite spots. All this is done while your dog or other animals are safe and not exposed to these sprays etc.

Now finally to treat your dog not kill them with poison.  I must stress that anything you use of your dog is a poison – not a treatment.  Never overdose or overuse the product.   Strictly adhere to the manufactures instructions. Please read all instructions very thoroughly applying about 3 days after you have washed and groomed your dog.  This is recommended to adhere to any oily dirty skin better than a just washed skin.  A product that I have used extensively on my own dogs and on customers dogs with 100% satisfaction I can recommend is Frontline Spray purchased from your vet.  The dosage is clearly marked on the label for both fleas and ticks.  For fleas – 2 to 4 sprays per kilo dog body weight on my silver toy poodle “Moet” who weighs 3 kilo I would use 6 sprays for prevention or 12 sprays to eradicate fleas. This treatment lasts for 10 to 12 weeks with a weekly wash or swim allowed.

Now the important part is how to do this spraying procedure correctly. Wearing rubber gloves place your dog on the table/grooming bench. According to their body weight work out the number of sprays first. A 10 kilo dog will require 20 sprays for prevention or 30 sprays to eradicate the fleas. The sprays have to cover down their back-tail-legs-under body-head-ears.

But not face and eyes. Start with the first spray behind their neck and gently massage the liquid into the skin well. Continue this procedure all over your dog and keep wiping your damp glove around the face as you go – do not spray into eyes or mouth. When you have finished this procedure destroy gloves and wash your hands thoroughly. Precaution: Don’t let small children handle the dog for at least 3 days. Everyone must wash hands after handling the dog – bearing in mind they have had a Poison Treatment
Research has just released data proving that our dogs are dying younger because they are being overdoes with poisons to eradicate fleas.

If the instructions say 10-12 weeks before next treatment, that does not mean every 6 weeks. Also, do not add extra treatment on top of the treatment you have just given them for example flea powder. Please be cautious and read instructions very carefully.

Conclusion: Now that you have completed these steps correctly I know how happy you will be to see your dog happy again and not turning themselves inside out scratching. Did you know that one flea bite can cause your dog to scratch for up to 3 days.

You may be interested to continue with a prevention treatment which I have used for many years.

Every 6 months I treat my grooming room and 2 storey home using Mortein spray bombs – or such like products available at your supermarket. All you are required to do is remove all food items outside your cupboards – living plants – fish – birds and your dog. Shut your building up – release the bombs and vacate for about 3 hours. Good chance to walk yourself and dog and perhaps enjoy a nice coffee/tea at a local cafĂ© or a picnic in the park.

How to handle shedding of a Border Collie

This breed can be high maintenance – but if you take their grooming step by step as we go – life will be much easier for both yourself and your dog.

Necessary equipment required:
•          Rake,
•          Metal comb – not a flea comb,
•          Slicker brush, and
•          A vacuum cleaner with a curtain nozzle attached.

Before washing and after washing:

1. Use your rake and gently rake downwards around their neck – collar, then move down the body to their hindquarters then under the body and back legs and down the feather on their legs.

2. Select your metal comb and gently from them all over making sure you remove all tangles.

3. Now with your slicker brush thoroughly brush your dog all over – keep removing all dead hair from your brush as you do.

4. Pick up your vacuum – slicker brush your dog backwards from tail to head and vacuum all the hair that will be shedding as you work.

5. Now give your dog a good warm scrub – dry him and repeat steps 1 to 5.
BINGO – now you will have a much lighter, happier and well groomed dog. Enjoy your dog grooming.

How to keep your dog still while grooming it

It is so important not to leave your dog unrestrained on a grooming bench – accidents happen so easily!  Here are a few pointers to keep your dog still so you have full control at all times.

Place your bench against a wall.  At the centre of the bench, place a cup hook about 18 inches to 2 feet above the bench.  Depending on the size of your dog you may have to raise or lower the height of this cup hook.

I also suggest you purchase a choker chain, place this over their head and around their neck.  Then clip the choker chain to the cup hook.

Now enjoy clipping your dog!
Prior to clipping your dog, always start by combing and rid the coat of all knots and tangles – then slicker brush followed by a nice warm wash.

I look forward to all your comments and questions about grooming your dog!

“Big Family” by Jesse

Minnie and Mickey, Daisy and Marley are a Big Family.
Some dogs are fluffy, small, big and medium.

When you see your dog it feels like you are in heaven, cause in the morning when you see your beautiful dog you constantly fall in love.

The most important thing you should remember – your dog is always with you and always will be in your heart.

Gaining weight the RIGHT way

“Our mum’s milk is the best thing ever,” says Daisy and Marley. She demands feed whenever we ask, in fact we don’t even have to ask. Our mum’s love is completely unconditional.

Raising puppies is just that simple – my best advice is to relax and allow mother nature to provide the best medicine.

Being relaxed provides the best atmosphere for your new mum. This advice came from an expert in the field being our vet Stacey and all night Vet Wendy. You know they were right – Minnie is just taking it all in her stride. The photos tell the story. As at 10 days old their weights are 18grams Daisy and 20g for Marley who has consistantly been 2 grams heavier since birth. So gaining weight the right way is the way to go. So relax and enjoy watching being part of the journey is my best advice to you.

Growing Every Day

All is well and babies growing by the minute. Dad (Mickey) on my lap having a cuddle while Mum (Minnie) tends to her babies (Daisy and Marley). It’s a wonderful blessing to be part of God’s miracle of birth. It’s wonderful to see how maternal instinct creates such a loving and nuturing bond between the mother and her baby pups.

Just a squeek and she is by their sides, feeding, licking and keeping warm. It goes without saying that they are surrounded by love by all. Our daughter Jesse is the proud Mum of all and provides them with love and attention when the time is right, as the puppies at this stage just feed and sleep with the occasional yawn and stretch. So all cuddles are very precious.

We are waiting for their eyes to open to see their new world, I beleive that should be any day now as they are so healthy and contented little ones, thanks to their beautiful Mum Minnie.

2 Peas in a Pod

Mum Minnie (chocolate Toy Poodle) is devoted to her babies and doing really well. Dad Mickey (apricot Toy Poodle) proud as punch and just longing for a sniff – once he can get close enough (very patient). Of course we are all so excited to part of the wonderful experience. Being part of Minnie’s birth and supporting her during this was such a privilege from Jesse cutting the cord and Mum tying the cord with dental floss, while Dad held the video camera.

Both born so healthy with Mum Minnie wondering what she had accomplished. A trip to the vet that night got everything sorted with a shot to calm Minnie and help her breast feed her babies. Staying up all night with her and the babies ensured they were fed every 2 hours and all kept warm and safe. By 7.15am the next morning Minnie took charge and from that moment on hasn’t left their side for long. Never underestimate the maternal power of love and the miracles of our Lord Jesus.